Ascending through Sprint

Nov 11th, 2019

Ascendal’s presence in the United Kingdom is in an all-time high. You are about to get into the details of an engaging project led by our company in BirminghamUK’s second citywhich is a major metropolitan borough in the West Midlands. It is considered the social, cultural, financial, and commercial centre of the region, which is the third most populated urban area in the country.  

Like many large cities, Birmingham metropolitan area’s path is paved with challenges. Aspiring to implement an integrated transport system that will support the inclusive economic growth plan for the West Midlands – that intends to tackle the pressing concerns of mobility, access to opportunities, sustainable growth, better air qualityreduced emissions, and road safety – Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) has developed a fully integrated rail and rapid transit network plan that connects the main urban hotspots with quick, streamlined services. Sprint, alongside tram and rail, is part of this network and aims to provide a limited stop service with dedicated bus lanes and priority through areas of congestion, making journey times more dependable. 

 By 2026, the Sprint network is expected to be made up of seven routes, three of each have been brought forward to coincide with the Commonwealth Games in 2022. In order to undertake the project, Transport for Midlands appointed AECOM as Detailed Designer for the A34 and A45 Sprint routes, which, in turn, commissioned Ascendal Group to serve as a “critical friend” to advise on how TfWM and the Local Highway Authorities can refine the existing preliminary design to maximise the effectiveness of the highway design for Sprint operation & connecting services (bus, DRT, kiss & ride etc); and also to point out how TfWM and participating bus operators can distil the proposed Sprint service offering to maximise benefit to current and future users of the Sprint services. 

The valuable insights into this project confirm the capacity of Ascendal Group to deliver ‘critical friend’ advice to authorities, operators and stakeholders alike, drawing up on their BRT experience and a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are crucial in ensuring that the BRT infrastructure is designed and constructed with operational capabilityAscendal deliver innovative and accomplished guidance and brings state-of -the-art, innovative solutions to the table and are raising the game in Birmingham’s road network.