We believe that public transport is on the cusp of radical change like the world has never seen before. Ascendal Innovation is technology agnostic, matching clients with cutting edge solutions that solve their specific problems to deliver transformational change. Our strategy is focused on our belief that the future of mobility is multi-modal whereby a transport system can offer the broadest range of mobility solutions that suits all demographics, with technology playing a key role in this.

A key focus in our technology and innovation business is developing safe and efficient operational deployment processes when using new technology. To do this we work to deliver pilot projects utilising autonomous vehicles, active travel solutions, car sharing, ride hailing and demand responsive transit. We have strong relationships with most of the European autonomous vehicle manufacturers and have developed ground-breaking app technology to effectively manage large workforces in the industry, as well as helping to better personalise and gamify the customer experience.

New technology is constantly emerging, and we are committed to identifying and working with new transport technology companies to help bring their products to market as seamlessly as possible. As part of this process, we have an active engagement program with new technology start-ups to support them in refining their products when we believe it could bring positive change to the transport sector. Our track record of transformation in public transport combined with our executive team boasting extensive experience conducting several new fuel technology bus trials and services – including hydrogen, electric, CNG, hybrid, bio-diesel and Euro VI – means we are well placed to pragmatically identify potential solutions, refine them and use our extensive industry contact base to bring them to market.

We are also well positioned to be able to work with clients and comprehensively understand their needs to match and deploy the optimal technological solution.