Our core business is delivering world class public transport services through the deployment of cutting-edge innovations, best practice processes and industry leading talent; ensuring it is safe, efficient, reliable, and always focused on our passengers’ needs. The people in the communities in which we operate are the reason we do what we do. Our mission is to improve their lives by providing them unrestricted access to optimal mobility options.

Our success is defined by serving our communities, while offering our staff a place to work that is satisfying, meaningful and creating a genuine family environment. We know that our commitment to our colleagues ensures that we will deliver the best service to our clients.

We are also strongly committed to the protection of both the environment and our local communities. We actively seek to deliver renewable green solutions and alternative fuelled vehicles to reduce emissions and drive towards a cleaner and healthier environment.

Helping to create mobility within a community is a great responsibility that we take very seriously. Under the leadership of expert industry professionals with hundreds of years of combined international experience, our clients can be sure that we are an excellent partner to deliver high quality and fit for purpose transport solutions.

Past Awards Won in Mobility Under Adam Leishman’s Leadership*

Customer Engagement Award
British Chamber of Commerce’s 18th Annual Business Awards
September 2017

International Business of the Year
British Expertise International Awards
April 2017

Best Workplace Culture & Engagement (500 employees)
HRM Awards
February 2017

IRTE Accreditation for the Bulim Bus Depot
Bulim Bus Depot became the first in Southeast Asia to receive Workshop Accreditation by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE)
December 2016

* Note that these awards were won during Adam Leishman’s tenure as Group CEO of Tower Transit