Real Estate

Our focus on Real Estate is born from our belief that transport systems only truly deliver the best value when they are planned hand-in-hand with the wider development of a city. Transit Oriented Development (TOD) delivers integrated urban hotspots designed to bring people, buildings and public spaces together, providing easy walking, cycling and mobility connections between key city nodes. Smart urban planning linked to efficient transport systems deliver results far exceeding those that either can deliver in isolation from the other.

Having this urban planning mindset as a core part of our strategy means that we can deliver inclusive access for all to local and citywide opportunities and resources by the most efficient combination of mobility modes at the lowest financial and environmental cost.

We want to work with authorities and developers to implement transport systems that incentivises the use of public transport as well as reducing dependence on private vehicles, which results in less requirement for parking and road infrastructure. This consequently leaves more space for real estate and drives revenue, but the impact of TOD goes beyond just that. It can significantly reduce congestion and create much more liveable cities with desirable ‘places’.

Another element of our Real Estate strategy is raised from the fact that most public transport depots and stations are based in prime locations within their cities. We believe that developing these sites into multiuse properties can not only give residents and businesses easy access to transport links within the vicinity of their community, but the revenue generated from these properties can enable operators and governments to re-invest in the transport network.

Given that Public Transport is largely a loss-making industry, this element of our Real Estate strategy is a clearly defined way to drive more revenue from the overall transport network by incorporating the value of these potential property developments into the overall revenue model.

The Real Estate division brings all the other divisions of our strategy into a cohesive solution. Delivering urban places that are well connected and making best use out of prime transport real estate is key to delivering sustainable, effective and customer focused transport solutions and unlocking a city’s potential by re-thinking the way it moves