Competition Unveils Young Talent: University of Cambridge Primary School children name new electric bus fleet

June 13th, 2022

Competition Unveils Young Talent: University of Cambridge Primary School children name new electric bus fleet

Cambridge, UK – In an exciting showcase of creativity and innovation, Whippet is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its recent bus naming competition. The competition invited students from the University of Cambridge Primary School in Eddington to unleash their imagination and suggest names for the nine electric buses that will soon become a part of the new Universal bus service. Participants were encouraged to consider factors such as the sustainability benefits and innovative features of the new buses in their naming choices. This initiative aimed to engage young minds in a fun and educational way, while also contributing to the enhancement of public transport within the local community.

Over the past few weeks, the competition captured the attention and enthusiasm of a large number of Eddington school children, attracting well over 100 competition entries. Their creativity and thoughtfulness were truly remarkable, making the selection process a challenging yet enjoyable task for the judging panel. Comprised of representatives from the University of Cambridge and Whippet’s parent company, Ascendal Group, the panel carefully evaluated each entry and assessed the names based on originality, relevance, and the potential to resonate with the local community.

“We were overwhelmed by the incredible response from the young participants,” said Nicoletta Gennaro, Ascendal’s Group Head of Marketing. “The names suggested by these talented children were not only impressive but also reflected their deep understanding of our community’s values and aspirations. We are thrilled to involve them in shaping the identity of our new electric buses.”

After careful consideration and extensive deliberation, the panel selected names that truly encapsulate the spirit and uniqueness of Cambridgeshire. The winning entries include: Greenhopper, Net-Zero Hero, Pollution Solution, The Sustainable Hulk, The Peregreen Falcon, Eco Eddie, Lightning McGreen, and The Green Clean Machine. The chosen names will be printed on the new electric buses, which are scheduled to begin operation by Whippet later this year.

The winners of the competition received special recognition at a dedicated award ceremony at the University of Cambridge Primary School, where they received prizes from representatives from Whippet and the University of Cambridge.

“We believe that involving the youth in important community projects like this fosters a sense of belonging and ownership,” added Mike Davies, Transport Manager at the University of Cambridge. “Through their contribution, we hope to inspire future generations to actively participate in shaping the development of our city and how we move.”

Both Whippet and the University of Cambridge would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all the participating students and staff at the University of Cambridge Primary School for their invaluable contributions to the competition. The event marks a significant milestone in promoting creativity, community engagement, and the importance of sustainable public transport.

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Whippet is one of the UK’s oldest bus operators, having proudly transported residents of Cambridgeshire for the last 104 years. Having operated the University of Cambridge’s Universal bus service since 2016, Whippet is incredibly proud of its performance of the service to date. This has seen delivery of over 99% service reliability, 400% ridership growth, enviable levels of staff retention and wide-ranging popularity with passengers. Commencing a new operating contract in July 2023, involving the deployment of a new fleet of battery electric buses, Whippet is determined to keep strengthening its partnership relationship with the University by working as a team for the benefit of the community.

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