Whippet secures eight-year contract to electrify the University of Cambridge’s bus service

October 12th, 2022 – Cambridge, UK

International transport operator, Ascendal, strengthens its partnership with the University of Cambridge with a new eight-year zero-emission bus contract.

Ascendal is delighted to announce that its 103-year-old Cambridge subsidiary, Whippet, has been awarded an eight-year contract to provide and operate a fleet of new electric buses. This zero-emission fleet will be replacing the existing diesel Euro 6 service in an effort that aims to support the University’s and our community’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Whippet has been operating the Universal bus service, on behalf of the University of Cambridge, since 2016, over which time ridership has grown by more than 400%. The current operation links Eddington with West Cambridge, the city centre, the train station and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, carrying over 60,000 passengers a week. However, under the new contract, starting July 2023, the route will be extended to also serve Girton College, Homerton College and Wolfson College.

Adam Leishman, founder and Executive Chairman at Ascendal Group, states:

“Having successfully launched zero-emission buses in multiple international markets – most recently in Hong Kong – we are incredibly excited to continue partnering with the University of Cambridge as we support their transition from diesel to electric. Cambridge is where Ascendal was founded, so this contract marks a key milestone for us as we strive to provide an international showcase example of the future of zero-emission mobility – that’s what we get excited about.”


Find the University of Cambridge’s press release at the following link: https://www.cam.ac.uk/news/universal-bus-service-to-go-electric-with-extended-route

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