New $1 billion dollar commitment from investors to deliver zero-emission buses in Latin America

November 11th, 2021 – Glasgow, UK

ZEBRA, a coalition of which Ascendal is part of, signed a commitment to invest over U$1billion in zero-emission public bus fleets in Latin America

Ascendal, alongside a set of investors, have committed publicly via the ZEBRA partnership to make over a billion U.S. dollars available for well-prepared zero-emission bus projects in Latin America. These investor pledges come from AMP Capital, ARC Global Fund, Ascendal, Ashmore, Copec Voltex, EDP Brasil, Enel X, John Laing, VEMO, and VGMobility.

Today at an event at COP26 in Glasgow, London Mayor and C40 Chair-elect Sadiq Khan joined with U.S. Secretary of Transportation and former South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, to make the case that green public transport will be essential if the world is to keep to 1.5 degree warming limit – and it can create quality green jobs across the globe. Having rolled out one of the world’s largest e-bus fleets in the city of London, a key priority for Khan in his role as C40 Chair is supporting similar efforts in cities in the global south

Download ZEBRA’s press release at the following link: ZEBRA-Announcement-Press-Release-November-11th-2021