Ascendal’s new buses arrive in Chile

September 23, 2020 – Punta Arenas, Chile

Ascendal’s new fleet of buses has arrived in Punta Arenas, Southern Chile, two weeks in advance of launching operations within the city. Manufactured by Marco Polo at their specialist bus facilities in Brazil, two tranches of the buses have been driven down through South America to the southern-most tip of the continent. With the first tranche of 35 arriving in early September, the remaining 35 brand new vehicles completed their journey on 16th September, as they arrived in Punta Arenas.

This milestone comes after Ascendal’s team first entered the Chilean market in 2017, participating in the tendering process for the Transantiago network, based in the country’s capital. Having kept an on-the-ground presence since then, Ascendal has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to enter the Chilean public transport market, which it achieved through this new Punta Arenas operation. The deal itself has seen the new vehicles financed through Ascendal Finance, with new and improved operations commencing under Ascendal Mobility.

General Manager of Ascendal Punta Arenas, Marcelo Cornejo, comments: “We are delighted to be launching a fresh, new service for the people of Punta Arenas. We are literally going to the ends of the earth to deliver quality operations with a brand new fleet of attractive and comfortable vehicles.”

Director of Ascendal Finance, Carlos Botello, adds: “Ascendal is excited to launch our first fleet financing solution in Latin America. The structure we are providing enables the local government to offer a brand new fleet of vehicles and a more comfortable journey to local residents. Our sustainable financing brings an innovative and affordable approach to investing in transport infrastructure.”

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