Ascendal supports drive for deploying zero emission vehicles

December 11, 2020 – Monterrey, Mexico

As a long-term supporter of utilising zero emission vehicles, Ascendal Group became the first organisation to sign up to the Zero Emission Bus Rapid-Deployment Accelerator (ZEBRA) during the second half of 2020. ZEBRA is a partnership led by the International Council on Clean Transportation and C40 Cities, working to support municipalities in Latin America to increase their deployment of electric buses, which can lead to cleaner air in heavily congested cities and a reduction carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

Alongside Ascendal’s commitment, over one dozen industry and finance partners have also backed the ZEBRA-project, whose efforts will bring new zero emission bus products and associated funds to finance projects in Latin American cities. ZEBRA partners are supporting city officials with strategies to bring zero emission buses into the fleet and ensure compliance with the climate law. With multiple offices throughout Latin America, Ascendal continues to pioneer the adoption of zero emission transport solutions, with Ascendal Finance offering unique financing solutions for cities.

Carlos Botello, Managing Director of Ascendal Finance, states: “We are delighted to be playing a role within the ZEBRA initiative as Ascendal proactively plays its part in reducing global emissions. With significant zero emission operating expertise in-house, we are delighted to also be providing fleet financing solutions to forward-thinking cities desiring to reduce their emissions.”

For further information, you can find the press release in the following link.

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